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Trisha (Teffeteller) Selgrath

"I spent the last decade designing decorative art. I thought about trends, considered colors and themes that would appeal to large segments of the population. Before that, I did commercial art and advertising, designed to please others, match the aesthetics of the day and judged only by how well it sold the product. While taking the safe route provided a comfortable living, in my soul, I knew that I did not want to leave this Earth without first becoming a fine artist.

In this decade, I will emerge by expressing who I am and what I've experienced. I will share images that fill me with emotions that I attempt to define. I hope that in viewing my landscapes, you will have a reaction similar to how I felt when I first discovered these extraordinary places."

~ Trisha Selgrath

Now, back to the beginning. . .

Born in the town of Maryville, Tennessee at the foot of the Smoky Mountain National Park, Trisha always loved exploring nature and drawing. She was grateful that her parents approved of her pursuit of a Fine Arts Degree. After graduating from the University of North Texas, she took the "practical" route through commercial art and advertising.

After spending years climbing the corporate ladder from Art Director to Creative Director, she realized that the higher she went, more of her time was spent conceptualizing and meeting with clients instead of hands-on designing and illustrating. So she left the fast track to paint and start a family.

In 1997, while pregnant with her first child, she was painting a large mural on his bedroom wall when the idea for Imaginative Murals was born. She combined all her experience with printing and her love of painting to create inexpensive prints of elaborately painted murals. "In my home studio, I painted the murals on canvas or wooden panels while the baby slept and my husband, Randy Selgrath, called on stores to sell them on the idea", Trisha explained. One of their first major accounts was Home Depot so they quickly expanded into a warehouse working with kids in tow.

The artist admitted, "Launching a business and starting a family at the same time is not easy but it afforded us both more time with our children. We juggled packing and shipping with playing, stepping over toys and avoiding speeding tricycles." They were the first on the market to sell die-cut, trompe l’oeil style murals and quickly gained international distribution through tradeshows reaching retailers, decorators, catalogs, TV shopping networks and the internet. Mustering up all her courage, Trisha even made "live" appearances on QVC and HSN (Home Shopping Network). Using her backgound in advertising and marketing, Trisha created branding, collateral, packaging, sales materials, websites, and advertisements.

Over a decade later, they are still selling murals, however, now, Trisha prints them herself on a large format, digital printer. You can browse through the designs on their RTZ Company website. Also, Trisha developed a line of motivational and inspirational art and gifts called Re-defined for Life. The selection of over 50 original quotes and designs is available in a variety of forms on the Re-defined website.

Trisha will launch her first fine art collection of originals
and self-published, highly limited edition giclees in 2013.